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What is BDSM for you?

Mistress Amandara – All roles are part of a game, even when they are not established and consented. Power cannot be eliminated, in our world it is omnipresent. Bdsm is exchange of power with consent, only if all people involved desire it. When the power relations flow in accordance with freedom. It is to work with power not as a problem but as a possibility. Subvert, pervert and overt the erotic and sensorial subtext of power and authority in the direction of liberation.
Consent is a magic word for me.
Such exchange is a viable ethical alternative to the non-consensual power structures which permeate our modern world.

What are your favorite games?

MA – I am really into whore training, sissyfication, strapon games, breath play, vacuum bed, hard spanking and performing outdoors. I enjoy the adrenaline of performing outdoors. But what I really like is to experiment, use creativity and try things I never did before. I like to invent new ways of doing things, I am very open and appreciate when my subs/slaves come to me with crazy ideas too.

What is your biggest turn on?

MA – Real self sacrifice, not fake sacrifice, not just a bit, but complete and legitimate self sacrifice. When I can feel my satisfaction is the center of someone’s desire. The extraordinary devotion, it is enlightening!

What is a good slave for you?

MA – No slave is good, they all need constant correction and have their behavior sculpted by me, it’s a never ending process, but a better slave is open to learn, to push their boundaries, to go further and further, to be an extraordinary devotee. A better slave is open to be creative and is up to experiment with me in an open mindset.

What would you never do?

MA – Any non consensual practice or consent-non-consent. Play risk games without safe words. Any kind of unsafe practice where I could leave destructive marks. I would never play high on drugs. Never play with kids or animals. Responsibility is something very important when you are a professional Mistress, you have someone else completely on your hands so you have to be conscious and play sane, safe and consensual, respecting hard limits as you respect life.

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