Mistress Amandara

Professional Dominatrix and FetishLady

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Mistress Amandara

Perverted, with no traces of morality.

With a very sadistic side, I am merciless. You will feel my extremely rough approach, as well as my softness and attention to fragility.

What I like is to see men getting out of their comfort zone, pushing their limits and putting themselves in a grace state of vulnerability. I see endless beauty in this state.

I get excited when I feel your complete submission.

What really turns me on is true self-sacrifice, when my devotees are giving all they can offer to satisfy me. I was born to be served and adored by men and I see no other function in their existence.

In my sessions I give you the opportunity to serve me and be eternally grateful. My humiliations are nothing but sincere truths about yourself, that no one in your daily life has the audacity to tell you.

I like to have long term devotees and I am open for beginners too. It can also be without physical pain, but fraying your standards is always a violent process.

We will get in touch with our wildest fantasies as a process of getting in touch with our creative source to feed ourselves, returning new and refreshed.

My radical training will transform your way of being in the world beyond the sessions.
Your self-sacrifice will be a demonstration of your devotion and claim for change.

I am open to all genders, ages, disabilities and adapt my tactics to each person. I play according to the SSC (Safe, Sane, Consensual). I put all my passion into it, you will feel how sublime my evil hands can be.

My Preferences

Practices I don’t do:

SEX, blowjob, needles, vomit, racial humiliation, practices involving animals and minors, irreversible damage on body, blackmail fetish, non sane, safe and consensual practices.

To learn how to behave with your Mistress read the Etiquette.

Studios I am curently working:

Berlin – The Fetisch Institut

Copenhagen – Kinky Room

See my videos: https://onlyfans.com/amandara


Age: 29 years old
Nationality: Brazilian
Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese
Hobbies: Art and horses
Favorite cuisine: Japanese
Favorite couture designer: Atsuko Kudo
Favorite shoes: Pleaser
Favorite perfume: I don’t like normal perfume. I just use pure essential oils. My favorite is Jasmine natural oil. I also like rose, ylan-ylang, rosemary, lemongrass, lavender and orange.
Favorite flowers: Lavender
Clothing size: S
Bra size: ​32D
Shoes size: 38 (EU)